Search Marketing (SEO, PPC) Audit, Strategy & Management Services from East Coast Catalyst

Search Marketing (SEO, PPC) Audit, Strategy & Management Services from East Coast Catalyst

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the most effective digital tactic available to marketers, with the fastest path to ROI. And search marketing is accessible to every company – regardless of size, industry sector, or stage of development. East Coast Catalyst is a search marketing company that can help you get the most from existing activities through one of our audits, or get you get up-and-running in just a couple of weeks. While search marketing — both pay-per-click (“PPC”) advertising and organic (“SEO”) — can be extremely effective for early-stage and high-growth companies, it is a fast-moving discipline that has gotten increasingly competitive in recent years. ECC can help your company in the following ways:

  • Pay per click (PPC) advertising management
  • Organic search (SEO) management
  • Vendor & staff assessments
  • Strategic roadmaps & advisory services

ECC has tailored solutions for companies with $2,500 – $20,000 per month budgets that are looking to launch or optimize their search marketing programs.

ECC’s search marketing strategy, management and optimization services are addressed at the following client needs:

  • Optimization: a search marketing audit (including an AdWords audit of both keyword and display ad activity) and a critical assessment of existing search marketing operations across buying, staffing, and reporting often reveal meaningful opportunities for cost-savings and improved performance
  • Time-to-Market: ECC can get search programs up-and-running quickly, usually within a week, to capture marketplace demand and get prospects into your company’s marketing and sales process
  • Program Management: early-stage and high-growth companies often rely on a partner-based, best-in-breed resource model, and ECC is accustomed to serving in a staff-extension role, managing search marketing programs over the long haul
  • Knowledge Transfer: when appropriate, ECC will train client staff to manage search marketing programs and optimize performance over time

What we do

ECC provides full-service search marketing services that include the following:

  • Discovery, Research & Planning: Developing an intimate understanding of the client’s sales and marketing operations, through: SEO and PPC audits, target audience and persona definition, product definition, marketing asset / content audit, staff and customer interviews
  • Program Design, Setup & Launch: Conducting competitor and keyword research, establishing budget parameters, defining conversion goals and related assets (newsletters, white papers, webinars, landing pages, etc.), setting up Google AdWords and Bing accounts, and managing the ‘go live’ process
  • Short-Term Management & Reconfiguration: All search marketing programs require close monitoring for the initial two-weeks; ECC works either independently in closely with client project teams to monitor launches and make appropriate on-the-fly changes based on market conditions and program performance
  • Medium- and Long-Term Program Optimization: Search marketing success over the long haul requires regular attention in the form of tracking, refining, and augmenting — ECC works in both advisory and full-service management roles with clients to optimize program ROI
  • Organic Search Marketing Planning.: Paid search informs organic search plans, and ECC relies on paid search program activity to define clients’ organic search marketing strategies

Who we work for

ECC’s search marketing clients are managers who are tasked with generating leads for their companies, including:

  • CMOs and Vice Presidents of Marketing who own marketing budgets and manage multiple channels, employees and vendors
  • Marketing Directors who are responsible for lead generation across multiple channels
  • Digital Marketing Managers who oversee myriad online channels (search, social, mobile, content)
  • Business Owners who have launched search marketing programs on their own and want to hand off management to a specialist
  • Business Unit Executives who are exploring the potential of search marketing and need an independent, outside resource to conduct an analysis and provide recommendations

About East Coast Catalyst

East Coast Catalyst (ECC) is an independent, privately-held digital marketing consulting firm. Our founders are senior digital practitioners with decades of hands-on experience in digital strategy, online marketing, and web technology — working for globally recognized brands, respected middle market companies, and start-ups. ECC also manages (, a growing community of professionals whose responsibilities intersect strategy, marketing, technology and innovation. For more information, please visit or contact Tim Bourgeois at 617-314-6400 or [email protected].

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