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Atlantic has flexible configurations to extend your team’s capabilities. Choose the plan below that works best for you or contact sales for advanced options if you don’t see what you need below.

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Get your new site up and running in a matter of months. The following options are available and tailored to your needs.


Atlantic Foundation

Get the core functionality and security of the Atlantic Platform.

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Atlantic Optimize

Atlantic Foundation plus Strategic SEO and CRO services included

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Atlantic Advanced

Atlantic Foundation plus Strategic SEO, CRO, PPC, Ongoing Analytics, and Site Upgrades.

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Atlantic Core Features

The Atlanitic system provides Bespoke design and ensures ongoing performance and security monitoring so your team can focus on strategic marketing initiatives instead of digital minutia.

Bespoke Design



Google BigQuery, Looker Studio Dashboard

Advanced Integrations

SEO Foundation

Core Web Vitals

CMS Core Updates

Plugin / Module Updates


WP Engine – Shared Server

WP Engine – Dedicated Server

WP – Engine – Dedicated Server, AWS, Google


Data Compliance

Uptime Monitoring

Atlantic System Updates


Figma Design Library

Reporting Dashboard

SEO Add-On

Drives organic search traffic, improves visibility, and boosts brand awareness.

Strategic SEO

Keyword research and analysis

On-page optimization

Content Optimization

CRO Add-On

Optimizes website experiences, reduces friction, and increases conversions.

User Research

A/B testing

Heatmaps and session recordings

Landing Page Optimization

Conversion funnel analysis

PPC Add-On

Targets qualified leads, drives immediate traffic, and generates conversions

Google Ads Program

Bing Ads Program


Keyword Research

Ad Copywriting

Campaign Setup & Management

Bid Optimization

Site Upgrades Add-On

Enhances website functionality, improves user experience, and maintains security.

UX / Creative


Web Dev

Content Updates

Ongoing Analytics Add-On

Tracks vital performance metrics, identifies trends, and drives data-informed decisions.

Data Integration:

Data Cleaning & Preparation:

Custom Dashboarding

Onboarding Options

Get your new site up and running in a matter of months. The following options are available and tailored to your needs.


Timeline: 2-3 months

Our Atlantic Onboarding streamlines your website rebuild with a performant WordPress solution, leveraging existing content and Atlantic’s capabilities


Timeline 4-8 months

For a strategic onboarding experience, our Atlantic system offers a complete website overhaul, elevating your site to world-class status with a focus on UX, performance, and streamlined technology.


Timeline: 9-18 months

We offer custom onboarding packages to meet your website’s unique goals. Ideal for large websites with complex systems and third-party integrations. Contact us today for a personalized pricing quote.

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