Startup Digital Agency

Early-stage and fast-growth companies typically develop their marketing operations around a digital-centric strategy. East Coast Catalyst has a comprehensive solution to meet their needs in this one-stop-shop package.

Startups go through several stages of growth before getting a genuine foothold in the marketplace. If your organization has just received a new round of funding or you’ve been tasked with an aggressive growth plan or to manage an organizational ‘pivot’, this solution may fit your needs. East Coast Catalyst is a digital marketing agency located in the heart of Boston’s Innovation District, and has more than a decade of experience working with emerging companies.

Multiethnic Group of People Planning Ideas

Multiethnic Group of People Planning Ideas

ECC’s Digital Marketing Startup Package was designed to address the variety of needs associated with a new business launch, pivot, or accelerated growth plan. Once investors, boards of directors, CEOs and Presidents make a decision to move on a business strategy, the clock begins to tick, and action must be taken. The Digital Marketing Startup Package includes a range of deliverables to support these kinds of situations, with an emphasis on the following requirements:

  • Time-to-Market: speed is critical with early-stage and high-growth companies, so we work to get clients up-and-running as quickly as possible — usually within a couple of weeks (deliverables are often prioritized and staggered to accommodate deadlines) — in order to capture marketplace demand and get prospects into the marketing and sales funnel.
  • Program Management: senior managers at startups are typically time-constrained and must rely on a partner-based resource model to get stuff done; ECC is accustomed to managing remote, multidisciplinary teams in order to access specialized and best-in-breed talent, and we are comfortable in the role of either team member or team leader (program/project manager), working towards common goals (e.g., new website launch, industry event, public / analyst relations initiatives).
  • Knowledge Transfer: when appropriate, ECC will train client staff on digital marketing operations (e.g., content management systems, search marketing, social media, etc.) to support the the hand-off upon project completion; other times, clients prefer to have ECC manage programs over the long-term. In either scenario, knowledge transfer is critical.

The Digital Marketing Startup Package

This solution is designed to address the range of both digital marketing and offline assets and tools that are necessary in any digital-centric marketing operation, and include:

  • Creative Strategy: Logo design and visual identity, color palette, custom asset design, branding style guide, imagery selection, creative asset library.
  • Marketing Tools: Business cards, email signature, presentation deck template, case study template, white paper template, brochure template.
  • Website Design & Development: Hosting evaluation and selection, platform evaluation and selection, responsive design, information architecture design, content presentation design, website configuration, website development, basic functionality configuration (site search, contact form), testing, go live.
  • Digital Marketing Tactics: Baseline search engine optimization, keyword research and search marketing strategy, pay per click (PPC) design and setup (AdWords), email marketing template, baseline content marketing strategy, social media design and activation (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+), landing page template, analytics setup (Google Analytics).
  • Training: Website platform / content management system, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • Options: Advanced search marketing strategy, website features and functionality, marketing automation (Marketo, Hubspot, Act-On), ongoing digital marketing optimization support.

Pricing for this package starts at $75,000, and the fee will fluctuate depending on variables such as: the availability of creative assets (logo, photography), the website platform (WordPress is most common), and ECC’s involvement in digital marketing tactics (such as search marketing management).

Who We Work For

ECC’s client experience includes early-stage companies in pursuit of institutional funding, venture capital-backed organizations experiencing 100%+ annual growth rates, and established firms that want to use digital tactics to optimize operations. Our client contact profile typically includes the following:

  • CMOs and Vice Presidents of Marketing who own marketing budgets and manage multiple channels (online and offline), employees and vendors
  • Marketing Directors who are responsible for digital marketing, collateral development, and event management
  • Digital Marketing Managers who oversee all digital channels (search, social, mobile, content)
  • Business Owners or non-marketing executives who are dependent on digital marketing operations to be successful
  • Business Unit Executives who are tasked with launching a new line of business and plan to use digital as the primary marketing platform

About East Coast Catalyst

East Coast Catalyst (ECC) is an independent, privately-held digital marketing consulting firm. Our founders are senior digital practitioners with decades of hands-on experience in digital strategy, online marketing, and web technology — working for clients that include globally recognized brands, respected middle market companies, and start-ups. Our community involvement includes being a founding member of Boston TechJam – a showcase and accelerator for new ideas and world-class innovations coming out of the Boston region – which attracted more than 4,000 people this year. ECC also manages, a growing community of senior professionals whose responsibilities intersect strategy, marketing, technology and innovation. hosts events, conducts market research, and provides advisory services. For more information, please contact Tim Bourgeois at 617-314-6400 or [email protected].