Conversion Optimization

Digital marketing has never been more complicated, or more competitive. Partner with East Coast Catalyst to make the most of every single website visitor.

A conversion optimization engagement with East Coast Catalyst can help to ensure that digital marketing investments are maximized, website visitors have great experiences, and lead generation volume is optimized.

A successful digital marketing operation requires attention many variables, including:

  • The Strategy: digital marketing plans should be tightly aligned with corporate marketing strategies, inclusive of both online and offline activities.
  • Analytics: measuring online marketing activity is easy; making sense of the glut of tracking data available is more art than science.
  • Ongoing Testing & Tuning: high-performing digital marketing teams never stop testing new techniques and responding to the results.

Digital marketing operations are complex ecosystems that are comprised of a dizzying combination of tactics, techniques, and people. Consider all of the pieces:

  • Advertising & Promotion: digital media (search, display / banners, classified, mobile, digital video, lead generation, sponsorships), organic search marketing, content marketing, social media, email marketing
  • Websites: copy, images, video / animation, landing pages, microsites, customized experiences, search, live chat, blogs
  • Technology: marketing automation, content management, analytics, and data management
  • Vendors: even mid-sized digital marketing operations often have 10+ vendors involved in maintenance and optimization

Who needs conversion optimization support?

Any marketing team or executive responsible for marketing performance that is tasked with using digital techniques to generate leads is a candidate. Our conversion optimization clients cluster around the following executive types:

  • CMOs & Marketing Vice Presidents: top-ranking marketing executives who are seeking to employ digital marketing strategies to complement or drive the marketing strategy
  • Directors of Marketing: director-level marketers often have primary responsibility for managing digital marketing operations
  • Line-of-Business Managers: business unit managers (presidents, general managers) with lean staffs who are looking to bolster their digital marketing performance

What are the tangible benefits?

A conversion optimization engagement from East Coast Catalyst uncovers opportunities for cost savings AND performance improvement.

  • Improved Output: It’s common for lead generation volume to increase 2x-10x following a conversion optimization engagement.
  • Maximized Return-on-Investment: It’s easy for organizations to have digital marketing investments misaligned – too much spent on promotion versus asset development, for example – which creates excessive waste and poor ROI.
  • Skills Transfer: Many of our conversion optimization engagements involve training a client staff on best practices, which allows them to manage digital marketing operations at optimal levels over the long term using internal resources.

Why East Coast Catalyst?

East Coast Catalyst is an independent, privately-held digital consulting firm. Our founders are senior practitioners with decades of hands-on experience in digital strategy, online marketing, and web technology — working for globally recognized brands, respected middle market companies, and start-ups. For more information, please visit