Community Development

Community Development at East Coast Catalyst

Located in the heart of Boston’s innovation district, East Coast Catalyst has made it part of its mission to be involved in the community.

Because we have been here since the mid 90’s, we have seen the evolution of the neighborhood. From a tech meetup at a coworking space to an art exhibition opening, to the launch of a new start-up or a special chef’s event at a local restaurant, the Innovation District is expanding quickly.

Throughout the years, East Coast Catalyst has become involved in various organizations that foster the development of community and allow us to become more in touch and connect with all different types of people. We like to think our name reflects our core philosophy: we balance East Coast analytical rigor with a focus on moving fast to Catalyze our clients’ businesses.

workforce, team working, business people in motion, motivation for success.

workforce, team working, business people in motion, motivation for success.

Our Communities

Below you will find some examples of the organizations that we help foster and grow:

  • a growing community of senior professionals whose responsibilities intersect strategy, marketing and technology. Founded in 2012, is owned and operated by East Coast Catalyst and allows a unique reach into the digital leadership community. hosts events, conducts market research, and provides advisory services.
  • Boston TechJam: a showcase and accelerator for new ideas and world-class innovations coming out of the Boston region. Conceived and launched in 2013 with East Coast Catalyst as its digital partner, this year’s showcase attracted 3,000 attendees and more than 50 companies.
  • Glide Magazine: a catalyst for music discovery and conversation, offering its audience a fresh perspective on today’s most innovative artists. Glide Magazine has been part of the conversation for over a decade.
  • Fort Point Arts (FPAC): is a non‐profit community organization founded in 1980 and run by neighborhood artists and volunteers. Our mission is to promote the work of our artists to a broad and diverse audience; to preserve the artists community in the Fort Point Channel area; to insure the continuance of permanent, affordable studio space; to build community; and to increase the visibility of the arts in Fort Point.

About East Coast Catalyst

East Coast Catalyst (ECC) is an independent, privately-held digital marketing consulting firm. Our founders are senior digital practitioners with decades of hands-on experience in digital strategy, online marketing, and web technology — working for clients that include globally recognized brands, respected middle market companies, and start-ups. For more information, please contact Tim Bourgeois at 617-314-6400 or [email protected].