Advertising Audit Company

Independent and objective advice from an experienced, independent digital advertising consulting company.

Optimize your digital advertising budget. Eliminate waste. Get the right team in place. Beat the competition.

Identify opportunities for cost-savings, performance improvement, and competitive superiority with a comprehensive digital advertising audit from the Google certified team of consultants at East Coast Catalyst, who rely on their audit checklist to help clients succeed in the fast-moving world of digital advertising.

Mobile devices

Mobile devices

  • Save Money: reduce waste and leakage due to misaligned tactics, mis-matched vendors, and resource gaps
  • Optimize ROI: adjustments in staff composition, vendor selection, and marketing mix can yield more output at lower cost
  • Beat the Competition: detailed planning roadmaps provide clear strategies for market differentiation and superiority

Digital media marketing requires complex ecosystems that are managed by a combination of full-time staff and vendors. Consider all of the pieces:

  • Advertising Promotion: digital media (search, display / banners, classified, mobile, digital video, lead generation, sponsorships), organic search marketing, content marketing, social media, email marketing
  • Websites: copy, images, video / animation, landing pages, microsites, customized experiences, search, live chat, blogs
  • Technology: marketing automation, content management, analytics, and data management
  • Vendors: even mid-sized digital marketing operations often have 10+ vendors involved in maintenance and optimization

Who needs a Digital Advertising Audit?

Any senior executive who has a vested interest in an organization’s digital marketing performance is a candidate. Our clients cluster around the following executive types:

  • Boards of Directors entrusted by shareholders to guide companies through digital transformation
  • CEOs who are increasingly dependent on digital strategies for corporate performance
  • CFOs benchmarking their company’s performance and ROI against the competition
  • Business Unit Executives conducting strategic planning
  • CMOs who are setting budgets and requesting increases
  • Entrepreneurs who need to identify cost-effective digital marketing options
  • Investors who are evaluating new ventures in marketing technology and digital advertising

What are the Benefits?

A digital advertising audit uncovers opportunities for cost savings AND performance optimization.

  • Objective and independent analysis from an experienced firm with complete objectivity and zero financial conflicts
  • A comprehensive digital marketing framework for organizing resources, measuring performance, and understanding the digital media and marketing ecosystem
  • Competitor and best-practice benchmarking to guide resource allocation and set expectations across the organization
  • A digital marketing strategy roadmap for corporate planning, execution, and organizational alignment

Why East Coast Catalyst?

East Coast Catalyst (ECC) is an independent, privately-held digital consulting firm. Our founders are senior practitioners with decades of hands-on experience in web strategy, digital media, and web technology — working for globally recognized brands and early-stage start-ups alike. ECC is also the founder and operator of Chief Digital Officer (, a growing community of senior professionals focused on the the intersection of strategy, marketing, technology and innovation. ECC’s digital advertising audit findings and recommendations are based on structured analysis, years of experience, and the unique requirements of our clients; we believe this objective and non-partisan approach is unique in the marketplace, and we therefore have no financial interest in digital vendors or technologies that could be perceived to affect our strategic guidance. For more information, please visit