Catalyst Collective

The Catalyst Collective is a group of small businesses that band together under the ECC umbrella to provide the experience and expertise of a full-service agency.

Radian Llama

We are two guys who decided to start our own digital services shop back in 2010. Dual-based in Boston, MA and College Station, TX, we specialize in bringing new and non-traditional experiences into the world. We work on every level, from creative concepting to user experience design to engineering the final product. We’ve discovered that people like to pick our brains as well. Every step sets us aglow with excitement.

User Experience, Web Apps, Front End Development, Back End Development, Web Sites, Technical Consulting, Experience Consulting

Apiary Digital

Apiary Digital is a location-independent media collective made up of experienced SEM, SEO, display, content, and paid social professionals with backgrounds from the best agencies and companies in digital marketing.
We curate freelancer teams from our network of professionals who work together under an account manager to deliver the best talent-per-dollar value to brands that want the thought leadership, collaboration, and service an expert of a team—without the top agency price tag.

SEM, SEO, Paid Social, Content, Display

Ballast Lane Applications, LLC

We love thinking about mobile business opportunities and working with our clients to build something really special. We offer project-based professional services across the entire project spectrum from fleshing out mobile app ideas to coding to post-launch support. Our clients hail from the energy, retail, financial services and media verticals.

Mobile Applications, Software Design and Architecture, Energy, Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services

Pretty Instant On-Demand Event Photography

Pretty Instant provides hand selected photographers for all occasions, nationwide. We match the right photographers to the best events based on location, experience, equipment, and personality. No Stress. No Hassle. #NoSelfies For larger clients like Red Bull and General Mills, we build roaming photo booth technology that lets us instantly send the photos to the people in them, brandable, trackable, and instantly shareable.

photography, startups, social photography, photo marketing, event photography, brand marketing, corporate events, experiential events & tours, weddings & parties, outdoor sporting events & destination travel


Noonan Creative is an idea factory. We develop bold creative campaign ideas and execution strategies for businesses that want their brands to sing and their sales to rock. We deliver them in comprehensive Campaign Playbooks that define, guide and continually feed lasting campaigns. Our clients use them everyday to grow their businesses. So, we’ve got that going for us. Which is nice.

Strategic creative direction, graphic design and copywriting for all media.

Chief Digital Officer For the new generation of leaders is growing community of senior digital professionals whose responsibilities intersect strategy, marketing, technology and innovation. Founded in 2012 by digital industry veterans, hosts events, curates content, sponsors research, and provides career management tools and information. was conceived in 2010 by Tim Bourgeois, a digital strategy professional who believed the industry needed a voice that addressed the ‘digital’ subject matter in a comprehensive manner — one that intersected strategy, marketing, technology and innovation. Digital doesn’t simply involve marketing or technology or even operations. In practical terms, digital affects every aspect of an organization, and more often than not, in meaningful ways.

Event Production, Digital Strategy, Executive Recruiting, Marketing & Media Audits

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