The Comprehensive Website Audit Checklist

Website audits and digital strategy assessments are complex and potentially time-consuming initiatives, not to mention invasive and often politically-charged. Today’s corporate websites are sprawling platforms that have evolved aggressively over the years to play an increasingly important role in practically every functional area of an organization — across marketing, sales and operations. As a result, website audit efforts can quickly morph beyond the straightforward review of the digital asset itself and drift into communication strategy, marketing strategy, product development and delivery, customer service, and eventually corporate strategy. So the data collection aspect of a web audit alone can involve many mid-levels management and even senior executive involvment, and that’s before meaningful analysis even begins.

With the background, it’s unsurprising that many website audit efforts stall or run into seemingly impenetrable roadblocks. Among the variety of tools and techniques we’ve developed over the years to assist with client management and contribute to successful project outcomes, we’ve developed a website audit and digital strategy checklist (link below, pdf). This document serves as a one-page summary of the most critical topics areas to include in a web assessment - from tactics through stratagy and planning - to help ensure that nothing falls through the proverbial cracks, to eduate planning teams on the myriad issues involved, and set the stage for a successful project.

     Click here to download the Website Audit & Digital Strategy Checklist (pdf).



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