Case Studies

East Coast Catalyst designs, develops and manages digital strategies for clients that drive new business and competitive advantage. A sampling of case studies are below.


Gaining a Competitive Edge in a Commoditized Marketplace Through Effective Digital Marketing

A 25 year-old manufacturing concern with a strong brand and product offering was struggling to maintain its market-leading position and stave off competitors in an increasingly price-sensitive marketplace. Cognizant of its dated and disjointed online marketing program, the company hired us to plan and launch a new interactive strategy. We evaluated the digital landscape and established a multi-pronged approach, based on increasing the company’s online profile, developing a conversion-oriented website experience, and relentlessly optimizing the program over time. At a tactical level, this approach resulted in thousands of web-generated leads, and extended to successfully defending market share and expanding into new geographic markets around the world. 

Auditing & Embracing An Emerging Channel: Digital Marketing 201

A division of a multi-billion dollar energy company with a top national agency managing its seven-figure advertising budget was struggling to understand and embrace the interactive channel. Wanting a fresh perspective, the company sought an experienced, independent firm that would be unencumbered by potential conflicts-of-interest. We were subsequently hired to evaluate its marketing programs, educate the marketing team on digital marketing best practices, and offer ideas for improvement. We evaluated the business unit’s offline and online marketing programs, developed a comprehensive model to understand the system’s interdependencies, and lead a knowledge transfer program to get the team up-to-speed on industry best practices, tools, and techniques. 

Making The Whole Greater Than the Sum of the Parts: Audit, Analyze, Re-Organize & Execute

A sizable and successful technology company had employed a variety of online marketing tactics in an effective but scatter shot style over the course of its evolution - through start-up, aggressive growth, and plateau cycles. The resulting digital infrastructure was comprehensive and even far-reaching, but efficiencies weren’t being realized due to a lack of a defined, cohesive strategy. We conducted an audit of the interactive ecosystem, assigned cost and performance values to each of the initiatives, and identified more than a dozen opportunities for meaningful improvement through the application of new technologies, techniques, and digital marketing best practices.

Navigating The Vendor Labyrinth: Project Planning, Evaluating Options & Selecting the Right Partner

Clients of interactive consulting firms and digital agencies have learned a litany of hard lessons over the past decade, many of which resulted from failed, stalled, and stagnated engagements. Today, buyers are much more sophisticated about their purchases. However, with vendors of all shapes and sizes competing for new business - consultants, system integrators, agencies, software and even hosting companies - the landscape is more complicated than ever before, and organizations often seek independent counsel to assist in vendor evaluation and selection. This particular client - a high-profile non-profit - engaged ECC to help with project scoping, discovery and planning, vendor selection, and project oversight.