East Coast Catalyst works with senior managers to plan, build, and optimize digital strategies. We deliver world-class digital solutions to clients who have no room for error.




East Coast Catalyst is a digital consulting firm. Located in the Artist Building at 300 Summer Street in Boston's Innovation District, we help clients make smart decisions about digital strategies, and then execute on those plans. Our firm’s principals – David Polcaro and Tim Bourgeois – are two grizzled veterans of the digital industry, and bring more than a decade of experience each to every client engagement.

ECC’s primary offerings include digital strategy, user experience and design, and digital marketing optimization. Our client experience spans the spectrum of multinational behemoths to bootstrapped start-ups, and our current roster includes the likes of Apperian, Fortis College, the New York Metropolitan Library Council, Resolution (an Omnicom company), and TIBCO Spotfire.

We like to think our name reflects our core philosophy: we balance East Coast analytical rigor with a focus on moving fast to Catalyze  our clients’ businesses. 


What We Want You To Know About Us

We work fast. We work efficiently. We respect principles that we know govern digital business, like "Ready - Fire - Aim."

We're a small team whose members pride themselves on being multi-disciplined and fast-learners. Having worked for big agencies, and managed a mid-sized firm for many years, we know this is our sweet spot: as a Task Force. We may be small, but we have tentacles in every conceivable corner of the digital industry -- because we have to in order to remain competitive. 

Our real expertise lies in our skills as digital strategists, interactive producers, and project managers. We get digital stuff done, and done well. 

East Coast Catalyst Studio in the Artist Building in the heart of Boston's Innovation District

East Coast Catalyst Studio in the Artist Building in the heart of Boston's Innovation District